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The Black Mamba 24 cartridge by Glo Extracts pays homage to one of the greats in a stellar product.  The Black Mamba 24 just has a vibe about it that you cannot beat with anything else.  This cartridge sets itself apart from the pack because there are almost 2 different highs that it gives you without lacking in one or the other.  It is a super even high that gives you multiple feelings of being on top of the world while knocking you out at the very end of the high.  The vibe about it just comes to fruition as soon as you see the brand new packaging around it.  The packaging is extremely important in the cannabis industry and Glo Extracts does it right.

There are so many things that you notice as soon as you pick up the new packaging.  The packaging looks so sleek with the black and gold on it and with the Made in the USA emblem on it.  This makes it look professional and really highlights how Glo Extracts is one of the best when it comes to verification.

While I was trying to open the tight packaging, I noticed that there was a QR code on it.  When you scan the QR code, it automatically takes you to the lab results section of the Glo website, which shows you everything you need to know about your cartridge.  The fact that you can literally see actual lab statistics about your cartridge is nothing short of amazing work from Glo Extracts.

Another Interesting about black mamba vape carts

Another cool thing that Glo Extracts does is show you how each cartridge will make you feel before you smoke it.  These mood boards can help you determine if the cartridge that you are thinking about selecting is right for you.  I love mood boards because it sucks if you don’t know how the cartridge is going to make you feel.  Having mood boards like this can eliminate bad purchases and can also help to educate you on what you do and don’t like.  I wish that I had mood boards when I would buy in the past so that I would know exactly what I am getting myself into.

I loved the taste of this one as well.  Sometimes taste gets mixed in with how it makes you feel but those are two completely different things  The taste was the perfect type of tangy for me where it had a little kick but not too much of one.  I love the taste that it gave off.  The only thing with it is that you love the taste so much so you wanna smoke so much more.

The high of this was amazing.  It was awesome because I got a head high and a body high.  Having those two things work in tandem when you are high is awesome.  The smell was not too bad so you can keep smoking it as long as you want.  But be aware, this cartridge will really put you into a daze and get you all sorts of high.

Glo Extracts is awesome in the cannabis community with how they are being proactive with their customers.  Everything that they do is perfect for the cannabis community with safety standards going up.


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