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Berry pie strain

Berry pie strain is a  collaboration between two legendary California based breeders, Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics, brought together a beautiful marriage between the insanely popular Girls Scout Cookies strain (aka GSC) and Blueberry, which culminated in this much coveted and delicious AAAA+ craft strain, Berry Pie! A well balanced hybrid, it is highly potent due to a THC content that averages around 25% potency. The strain is a popular choice amongst medical users for its uplifting nature and effective pain relieving properties which aren’t debilitating or overpowering, making it great for morning or midday usage. It’s also sought after for its incredibly delicious flavours! It carries on much of its Girl Scout Cookies sweet vanilla cookie terpenes, and combined with Blueberry genetics, buy berry pie online offers a sugary and creamy blueberry waffle-like flavour, making it the perfect treat to consume alongside your morning breakfast or as a midday dessert!.



Berry Pie offers a cerebral head high that starts with a slight tingly buzz. It is deeply uplifting and euphoric, and may leave you feeling introspective. While it is rather potent, it is not overpowering or anxiety inducing. It’s quite energizing as well, and will have you feeling focused so that you can be ready to take on the day and whatever tasks are at hand. This makes it an ideal wake and bake strain of choice, or is great for midday usage when you begin to feel tired or sluggish during a particularly busy day. This also makes it perfect if you are someone that suffers from chronic fatigue. Relaxing indica effects will also be experienced physically throughout the body, a characteristic that makes this strain popular amongst medical users as it can alleviate chronic pains including inflammation or migraines and headaches without being sedative or tiring. Because of its mood-elevating nature, Berry Pie also relieves symptoms of stress and depression.

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